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Metis offers solutions for specific needs, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize text comprehension and response generation. We specialize in Document Processing Automation (DPA) with a dedicated focus on the legal-tech and regtech sectors. Here are some of our services

A cloud solution

Explore your Database

With Legenda, our cloud solution, you can perform advanced semantic searches in your database using Artificial Intelligence.

We can also customize the solution to your specific needs, on file format, file update, database size, and search type.

GDPR Compliance

Anonymize Sensitive Documents

Need to anonymize documents containing sensitive data to ensure privacy and GDPR compliance? With Metis you can do it quickly and efficiently, whether it's judgments, deeds, contracts or other documents with personal data.

Classificazione intelligente

Reorder Your Archive

Our powerful algorithms help you maximize the value of your documents, even when they are stored in unstructured digital archives. Metis helps you find and use information more intelligently to reclassify them.

Simpler Process

Improve the Compliance Process

With our solutions, you can use Artificial Intelligence as an automated assistant to monitor compliance documents and processes. Streamline legal, financial, and technical compliance processes with the assistance of Metis' intelligent automated assistants.

Reliable reports

Generate Reliable Reports and Summaries.

Using advanced technologies, Metis can combine semantic search with content generation. You can get more precise and relevant answers from your data, creating documents and reports more efficiently and accurately.

Simpler Process

AI as a Service

If you have specific needs that require customized solutions, or you are unsure of the specific request to make, the Metis team is ready to develop products and services tailored for you. Harness the power of next-generation Artificial Intelligence to address the unique challenges of your industry.

Find out how we can help you

Find out how Metis can help your company tap the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. Our technology serves your growth and innovation. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services.

Examples of sectors

Examples of sectors in which we operate:

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Insurance & Finance

  • Venture Capital

  • Scientific Research

  • Data Intelligence & Cybersecurity

  • Non-Profit & Government


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