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With Legenda, your document analysis reaches new heights of efficiency and accuracy. Put Legenda to the test and see how it can highlight the points most relevant to your research. Legenda's secure cloud allows you to consult your document database in a new way.

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The Secure Cloud for Your Documents:

Secure your documents on the Legenda cloud. We implement strict security measures and are in full compliance with EU regulations to protect the privacy of your data (GDPR).

OCR Technology

Instant Digitization

Effortlessly extract information from photocopies, photos or scans directly into your PDF documents, thanks to OCR technology.

Intelligent Classification

Fast and Effective Reading

With Legenda you consult your documents with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Find the information you need in seconds, even if it's scattered across hundreds of documents - as AI analyzes the information for you.

Boost your archive

System Integration

Unleash the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence on your archives by integrating Legend into your system.

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