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Legenda is the key to simplifying the search for information in your documents. Focus on high-value tasks while Legenda's Artificial Intelligence works for you. Increase your productivity and save up to 90% of your time searching for information within your documents.

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Legenda offers you the key to organizing your information assets intelligently and efficiently. Digitizing your archives becomes easier and searching produces more relevant results, all thanks to Legenda's Artificial Intelligence.

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Upload your documents to Legenda and allow our proprietary Artificial Intelligence to make them easily searchable, keeping your information safe and secure on your dedicated, secure, GDPR-compliant cloud at all times.

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With Legenda, you have a special collaborator at your disposal - Artificial Intelligence. Interrogate your documents, whether they are contracts, legal acts or confidential documents, with Legenda's assistance. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to your needs. If you would like a customized solution, discover our services

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